Shipping Policy


  • We ship out your new plant babies on Mondays and Tuesdays based on destination and via our suggested 1-2day shipping options.
  • We reserve the right to delay shipping your plant(s) up to two+ weeks due to inclement weather, or any other circumstances that may cause delays in shipping (holidays, etc) or unnecessary damage to the plants.
  • We aim to ship the plant in the pot and medium you purchased! If sizing does not permit - we will wrap the root into a ball of perlite/moss, husk/perlite in order to keep them hydrated during shipping! Any mediums and pots advertised will be shipped in a small bag in your box.


  • We currently ship our advertised plants across Canadian provinces - sorry territories, we are working on you guys!! 
  • Please note we do not prefer to ship un-acclimated imports and would like to suggest local pick-up and delivery in Ontario.


  • Shipping cost is dependent on the price of your box! 
  • We have shipping zones set up across Canada (excluding territories), please select the shipping length (guaranteed overnight, 1-2, or 3-9 business days) and Shopify will give you a shipping quote
  • BEA Leaf reserves the right to change your shipping service if it is deemed the plant will not service the chosen service based on your location.
  • Please note, BEA Leaf Co reserves the right to delay shipping if deemed necessary for the plants’ healthy arrival 
  • We are currently working on connecting Shopify to our business shipping accounts for completely accurate shipping fees upon check out. For now - we will send any updated shipping cost within 24 hours of ordering.


  • Please note that it is highly unlikely for an acclimated plant to arrive DOA after a 1-2 day shipping trip.
  • There is, however a risk of leaf yellowing, cosmetic damage (breaks/cracks in leaves), and other issues that are out of our control
  • We will pack your plants with the utmost care but, we unfortunately are not able to accept liability if they arrive damaged or DOA.
  • In the chance you believe damage was caused by either the shipping service, or our packing, please photograph both the entire box and all plants - and send photos to us (if you believe we are the cause), or contact the shipping provider directly and we will work to find a resolution
  • Plant damage claims must include pictures of the plant and the box it was shipped in. Please remember that shipping deprives a plant of everything it needs to thrive. Some cosmetic damage/root rot may occur.


  • We offer pick up locally in the GTA, at Yonge and Wellington in Aurora as well as at Yonge and King Rd in Oak Ridges!
  • If you choose pick-up as your option, your order will be confirmed via email within 24 hours, with suggested pick up times.


  • Delivery is an option across GTA and the surrounding areas! Including, Durham Reg., Peel Reg., Simcoe County, Waterloo Region. Please note that Kawartha Lakes, Hastings Highlands and Essa are also available regions for delivery upon request. Email us at
  • If you would like a delivery option - please include your postal code while checking out, and Shopify will calculate your delivery fee


  • Please note that before sending our plants to new homes, they are treated with our Neem Oil and Castile Soap spray, diluted Dr. Doom spray, or come with the beneficial bugs we use here in our greenhouses (Spi-Cal, Swirski Ulti-Mite, Thripex). 
    • We ask you try to keep your new plants out of the sun/direct light for 10-12 hours after receiving - plants put into direct light after treatment may risk being burnt
    • We also suggest you quarantine any new plant from the rest of your collection for inspection and prevention purposes. We do the same with our plant babies!
  • If you have beneficial bugs in your package or with your plant - all you have to do is let them either sit on the soil, or hang them on a leaf! They will leave the tiny hole in the package and do their work :)
  • If after 24 hours (MAX) you notice a major issue with your plant, firstly we would like to greatly apologize! We do our best to check all plants that leave our care, but as humans we can make issues.
  • Please photograph and send these photos to us within 24 hours of receiving your plant(s) - noting your issues to
  • We will respond within 24-48 hours and work towards a resolution.
  • Most of our plants that are potted are in clear pots, this allows for easy root visibility to check for issues. Unless you suspect there is rot in the roots or any other visible issues, please do NOT repot your new plant for 3-4 weeks (minimum) - this will give it time to adjust and acclimate in your home 
    • A humidity box/bin/dome is recommended for most plants a week or two with a gradual decrease to household humidity.