Importing with BEA Leaf co.


    • Thank you for your interest in importing rare tropicals with BEA Leaf!
    • Importing plants is exciting, and makes these rare and usually very expensive plants more accessible to the general public! This is our goal with group imports!
    • However, importing is not without risk! As many of you know, importing plants from overseas can mean: unexpected delays due to issues with the phyto certificate/environmental and weather issues in the country of export/plant damage and or death/as well as other unforeseen issues.
  • Please note: that both BEA Leaf and our overseas suppliers do all within our power to prevent delays, and unnecessary damage to plants. However we cannot guarantee a shipping date until we receive our air cargo information from the said supplier.

  • How do group imports with BEA Leaf work?

      • BEA Leaf has chosen trusted suppliers, whom we have been working with for 6+ months now.
      • Plants that are imported through our group forms come from one of our two suppliers in Indonesia. We will also periodically open a list from our exclusive Thailand supplier.
      • Plants are imported periodically throughout the year, demand and timing permitting.
      • Once we have chosen to do an import, we will release our Import Application Form, in the format of a Google Form, publicly on our website as well as our socials.
        • Please note: BEA Leaf will import no more than 150 plants at one time. This is based on our experience with the time, effort, and energy required to care for the plants upon their arrival. Once we reach 150 plants our import will be closed without exception. This is for the best interest in the health of all of your new plant babies!
        • This form outlines in further detail, some of the past issues we have faced importing large quantities of plants, so that our customers know better what to expect from the import process.
  • Please note, we reserve the right not to move forward with your application if there are issues that would make us not a good fit for one another.
        • This form will also be emailed to those subscribed to our website email list! 
      • The BEA Leaf Import Application Form, acts as a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) - regarding importing agreements and policies.
      • Your application will be reviewed within 48 hours, and if approved, you will be emailed our plant list(s) from our overseas suppliers! 
        • Please note: lists will generally be open for 7-10 days, upon which time we will announce when we are no longer able to take new orders/additions
        • We are more than happy to try and source wishlist plants not yet on our list - if you have a wishlist plant you don’t see on our lists, please email us at
      • Finally, after placing your order, you will receive an invoice via email and payment will be required within 48hrs. 
    • Please note: BEA Leaf accepts only the following forms of payment - etransfer, PayPal, or credit card payment through our Shopify. Cash payments are not accepted at this time.


        • As mentioned, BEA Leaf co is only able to accept etransfer, PayPal, or CC payment through our Shopify 
        • Our order list doubles as an invoice, so after you have placed your final order, you will be sent your final invoice to confirm.
        • Once your final invoice has been confirmed, payment is required within 48hours. 
      • Please note: BEA Leaf reserves the right to cancel your order, without notice, if deemed appropriate after 48 hours of no communication or payment from the client.
            • Your invoice will include a $50 fee that covers the following: customs clearance, Covid19 clearance fee, phytosanitary fees and taxes from our partners overseas, as well as air cargo fees.
          • Please note: BEA Leaf only requires one $50 shipping/broker fee per order.
          • Please note: air cargo fees alone cost $800USD. We choose to ship with air cargo due to their temperature controlled, as well as 48 hour shipping times. 
          • Please note: BEA Leaf co does not use import brokers, but choose to take on the responsibility to clear our own packages. Clearing the plants can cost between $200-400 depending on shipment size, and can take between 2-6 hours based on how busy customs and the cargo bay are.
          • Please note: BEA Leaf has split the cargo, and other mentioned fees equally amongst ordering clients, ourselves included.


              • These beautiful plants are of course, living things, and much like us do not appreciate being ripped from their homes and shoved in a small dark box for days
              • With that being said, these brave souls can arrive with some imperfections...many are definitely not Instagram perfect upon arrival! 
              • Some issues include: rotted roots, limp/yellow/dead leaves, cosmetic damage to the plant - leaf damage/breakage, plant death :(
          • Please note: both BEA Leaf co and our trusted overseas partners will do all in our power to ensure your plants arrive in their best condition, but as is with shipping anything live - the risks are real.


              • Woooo! The plants are finally here! 
              • We have selected to keep the plants within ON, unless you have ordered from us before or otherwise discussed. This is based both on the health of the plants after 2 trips virtually back-to-back in a box, as well as the cost and time associated with shipping. We will not be accepting new orders from outside Ontario at this time.
              • BEA Leaf co offers Import Care Kits for your plants once they arrive in our care! These cover 48/72+- hours of care for your plants. 
              • All customers who have paid for a care kit will receive the following spa treatment for their plants: either a Dr. Doom OR castile/neem 30 min soak - depending on any pest issues with plants, a further hydrating 20 min soak if necessary, individual leaf wiping and drying, a thorough root clean and sanitization, individual plant potting in either water, or customer’s choice of medium if applicable to care kit.
                • Please see our Import Care Kits on our website for more info on these!
              • If you do NOT have a care kit, BEA Leaf strongly suggests pick up be arranged within 24 hours of plants’ arrival. 
            • Please note: if you do not have a care kit, and do not pick up your plants within 24 hours - unless otherwise discussed - BEA Leaf cannot be held responsible or liable for damage or death of your plant.
                • BEA Leaf co will send a Google Form via email prior to the plants’ arrival, to coordinate pick-up or delivery of your plants! We will have pick up points, and delivery available throughout the GTA and surrounding areas.


                  • Please note what is considered a “DOA plant”
              • If your plant arrives with completely rotted roots, and no viable leaves, it is unfortunately a DOA.
                  • However, if your plants have: leaf yellowing, cosmetic damage (breaks/cracks in leaves), some root loss, or some leaf loss - this will not be a DOA.
                  • Please see our blog post on importing plants for further info on how we deal with: dead/rotted roots, yellow leaves, limpness/softness. Most limp/soft leaves and stems are corrected after rehydrating! Leaf yellowing during this process is also normal. Mushy/brown/black spots are the concern.
                  • Please note that you will recieve photos of your plant within 24/48 hours of arriving in Canada. If your plant: loses roots or leaves, becomes limp, has leaves yellow, experiences further rot or death - BEA Leaf will not be held liable for any death or damage to plants during this process.
              • If your plant is a DOA, we will offer you your choice of the following:
                1. a replacement plant from the same supplier


                1. 50% store credit for the same amount you paid for the DOA plant (does not expire)


                1. a 30% refund.
              • Please note: we will NOT provide a refund or store credit for any of the following species (only a replacement plant will apply): alocasia, calathea, scindapsus.
              • Please note: shipping and other admin fees are non-refundable once paid. These are immediately sent overseas to secure your wishlist plants, our phyto position, as well as space on the cargo plane.

              • THANK YOU for getting this far! We greatly appreciate your support of our small, female-run business! 

                Please reach out with any questions or concerns at,