Blog Intro

by Bridgitt Craft

To be completely honest with you, this will be my first time ever writing a blog. I’ve done a lot of different types of writing in both my academic, as well as personal and professional life - and have always found writing to be something that comes naturally to me to a certain extent. It is also something that I have begun to really enjoy!

I was always a big reader as a kid, and although now controversial for many important reasons, when I was eight - the Harry Potter books were my shit, and I finished reading the first book in something crazy like a day. Keep in mind that I was only eight….so reading a book then VS now probably looks very different. But at the time it was fast ok!! So writing in general is something I am decently comfortable with - but blogging is totally new to me. So bare with me as I navigate this for the first time :D Any and all feedback is welcome!

With that being said, I decided not to look at different bloggers and their “style” because I didn't want it to influence the way I felt about my own writing, or what/how I write. I have decided to start this blog off almost like I am talking to a friend! I think this will help my writing flow more naturally, and resonate with more of you! I know it may change over time and that's ok! But this is my plan for now.

So, hello sweet friend, thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts and words. I’m looking forward to sharing many more of them with you